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Programming will give you a lot of satisfaction, and a lot of frustration as well. It will make you happy and proud of your code, when you finish a feature and you see it working, and it will drive you crazy when you debug the code for days in a row. You’ll find yourself forgetting the basic syntax, and making beginner mistakes from time to time. You’ll copy paste code from other sources, multiple times a day. You’ll have to reduce the quality of the code to meet a deadline, and you'll have your code rejected multiple times until it reaches a higher quality. And, in the end, you'll have to deal not only with the computers, but with all kinds of people as well.

Shortcut to seniority is a book that aims to provide readers with a broad knowledge of programming, allowing them to have a peek on what a senior developer should know and be aware of. The book is split in three chapters, and it contains the information that is expected from a programmer on a particular seniority level. From the technical side, we'll talk about data structures and algorithms, multithreading, design patterns, architecture, performance, security, and much more. From the theoretical side, we'll get into debugging, software methodologies, the interview process, working in teams, problem solving, or time management.

I've happily invested more than two years to write this book, so I can share the information within with the world, and help the next generation of developers reach their potential. Whether you're curious about programming in general, or you're already in the industry, but feel that you're not advancing, I assure you that this book is a great investment in yourself and in your future.